Get the most relevant data to be ahead of emerging security threats

We provide a combination of five data feeds that cover the field. Identify malicious URLs, prevent phishing, check domain reputation, block botnets and more…

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Get the most relevant data to be ahead of emerging security threats

In Threat Intelligence Data Feeds, we provide

  • Malicious URL Data

    This feed details sites and URLs that host malicious files and/or attempt to install executables without users' authorization. Usually, such sites are part of malicious redirection chains on compromised websites or ads.

  • Phishing Data

    This data feed lists URLs which have been confirmed to be hosting content which attempts to steal user credentials including credit card numbers, social profile passwords etc.

  • Command and Controller Data

    A list of domains extracted from domain generators which are associated with malware command and control infrastructure used to control malware such as botnets.

  • Reputation Data

    If you want to check whether an IP address is a bot or a known source of spam or a compromised device, this feed will provide the required reputation information.

  • Denial of Service Attack Data

    The data feed provides botnet controller locations and decoded commands used for attacking, which is crucial in stopping such attacks.

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