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Track Known Malicious Indicators with Threat Intelligence Data Feeds

Get access to malicious indicators involved in varied cybercriminal activities, including botnets, command-and-control (C&C) servers, malware, phishing, and spam.

Track Known Malicious Indicators with Threat Intelligence Data Feeds
1.5M+IP addresses
600K+File hashes

What Threats Do Our Threat Intelligence Data Feeds Cover?

  • Cyber attacks

    Track indicators of compromise (IoCs) associated with Secure Shell (SSH) brute-force and other malicious attacks.

  • Phishing

    Learn which web properties are involved in phishing campaigns.

  • Botnets

    Obtain a daily list of hosts that are part of a network of malware-infected computers.

  • Malware

    Keep track of hostnames, URLs, and file hashes associated with malicious software distribution.

  • C&C servers

    Access a list of C&C servers communicating with botnets and malware.

  • Spam

    Detect hosts engaged in sending spam.

  • Suspicious

    Gather indicators linked to suspicious activities, such as web properties sending large volumes of queries or hosts scraping websites.

  • Tor

    Classify hosts that act as Tor exit nodes.

  • Generic

    Monitor IoCs involved in malicious activities that can’t be classified into other categories.


  • Increased visibility

    Threat Intelligence Data Feeds complement existing cyber threat data sources, widening your scope and visibility.

  • Threat type classification

    Our listed IoCs and web properties are pre-filtered and categorized into nine threat types for easier analysis and subsequent attribution.

  • Daily updates

    Each data feed is updated daily with new IoCs to ensure continued freshness and relevance.

  • Structured data formats

    Our feeds are downloadable in various file formats — CSV, JSONL, v4, or HOSTS—to ensure standardized data structures for smooth integration.

Practical Use Cases

  • Reinforce cybersecurity systems with updated threat intelligence

    Equip security platforms and solutions with comprehensive lists of known IoCs and dangerous properties.

  • Strengthen network security

    Add our denylists in CIDR notation into firewalls and other network security solutions developed by major cybersecurity vendors, such as Cisco, Fortinet, Check Point, Palo Alto Networks, and others.

  • Expand zero-trust implementation

    Support zero-trust policies by imposing extreme blocking measures to ensure that networks and internal systems stay protected.

  • Enrich cybersecurity research and OSINT analysis

    Detect cyber threat trends, analyze IoCs by threat type, and conduct security research projects.

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Threat Intelligence Data Feeds | WhoisXML API

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