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Stay ahead of the latest threats with Threat Intelligence API

Uncover threat information about any domain, URL, IP address, CIDR number, or hash, including its threat type and first and last seen dates. Easily integrate threat intelligence into your security solutions and avoid malware, phishing, botnets, C&C domains, spam, and other threats.

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Benefits of Threat Intelligence API

  • Comprehensive

    Our IoC repository is extensive and covers different threats, such as cyber attacks, botnet usage, C&C, malware, phishing, spamming, Tor usage, suspicious activities, and generic.

  • Highly Accurate

    Our Threat Intelligence API taps into multiple sources, such as server logs, honeypots, OSINT, and ISP abuse reports.

  • Easily Integrable

    Query results come in standardized XML and JSON formats for maximum compatibility with most systems.

Threat Intelligence API | WhoisXML API

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Practical usage

Identify and Block Malicious Resources

Quickly check if a domain, URL, IP address, CIDR number, or hash is malicious and immediately add them to your denylists for more robust network security.

Improve Threat Detection and Response Capabilities

Integrate Threat Intelligence API into business systems to detect malicious resources accurately and quickly and enable security teams to respond faster.

Obtain Deeper Insights into Threat Indicators

Get a clear picture of the malicious activity a resource was involved in by learning its threat type, when it was first and last detected, and how many times it was seen.

Threat Intelligence API | WhoisXML API

Download our comprehensive threat intelligence data feed files to increase your threat visibility.

Our Threat Intelligence Data Feeds comes with 10 different data types downloadable in various standardized file formats for seamless integration into your systems.