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WHOIS Conclave

The WHOIS Conclave is a private product offering launched to support the fight against digital threats and bad actors through the analysis of Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) and Articles of Interest (AOIs).

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WHOIS Conclave

About the WHOIS Conclave

The WHOIS Conclave is private and vetted only for law enforcement, investigators, and cyber-security professionals.

  • Looking at multiple types of malicious campaigns

    Based on the Conclave members' expertise and client requests, we analyze various campaign types, including phishing, disinformation, web exploits, counterfeiting, and others.

  • Extensive law enforcement and threat research expertise

    Members of the Conclave have decades of experience applying DNS-based threat attributions, IOC and AOI pivoting and monitoring, and law enforcement investigative techniques.

  • Enriched with WhoisXML API sources of intelligence

    Investigations and client research executed through the service are backed by WhoisXML API’s extensive WHOIS, DNS, and IP footprints containing billions of historical and current records.

WHOIS Conclave | WhoisXML API

The WHOIS Conclave is currently open for new requests.